Do You Have Class?

I think that a lot of people have class but they don’t show it, do you show your class? At the beginning of school I had a lot of class and now I have  even more. This year I have learned to think more before I say or do something. I have class and I show it some times but not all the time. I think I should start showing my class a lot more and if I do maybe some other people will to. Almost everybody in our class has class.

I don’t like it when people talk about me when I’m setting right by them or at all.


D.A.R.E Essay

In D.A.R.E we have to write an essay about what we learned in D.A.R.E

In .D.A.R.E we walk a line with D.U.I goggles. The goggles made the line go right and you had to stay on the line. My strategy was when the line started to curve I just would keep going straight. After we got done walking the line we had to catch a ball and the goggles made it confusing to catch the ball.

We learned what the five kinds of peer pressure were (1.) Saying No (Would you like a drink? NO.) (2.) Giving a reason or fact (Would you like a beer? ”No thanks. My parents would ground me for life.”) (3.) Changing the subject (I have some cigarettes. Have one. No. Let’s go play ball instead.”) (4.) Repeated refusal, or keep saying no (Skipping CD) (Would you like a cigarette? No. That’s not me.”Come on!” “No that not me.”)  (5.) Use Humor. (“You want some marijuana?” “No. I need all my brain cells.”)

Did you know that marijuana users have an increased risk of cancer? Marijuana smokers have more colds and upper respiratory problems. Marijuana is illegal in the United States. There is more tar in Marijuana smoke than tobacco. I promise not to use drugs and alcohol.

Camp Oty’ Okwa

Every body that was in 6th grade went to Camp Oty’ Okwa. When we got there we picked out our bunk and we unpacked our stuff. Went into the big field and got into a big circle and played a game after that we got into our groups I was happy who I was with because they were all my friends.

The people that was in my group was Tyler,Rhianna,Jessica,Megan,Mark,Chase,Ashlee,Stephen. The first class that we went to was Initiatives. At the beginning we had to hold hands and spin around in circles that was hard.

Then we all had to get passed each other on this log everybody had to get to the other side without stepping off the log. The girl that took us to the log gave us at least ten min to get past it but we just couldn’t no matter how hard we tried.


Tosh.O is a show about making fun of people. Me and my Brother watch it all the time when it’s on. Last Night  it was on and the producer chop people in half. Then a video popped up and they watched it. It was a video at a baseball game and a guy hit a foul ball and the dad caught it and the dad gave it to his daughter and she throw it back on the fied and her dad wasn’t up set if I was her dad I would be.


I use test taking skills to pass the test and I do pretty good but not good enough. I need to start doing better on the test our I won’t pass and I need to pass because I don’t won’t to be suck here with fifth grader’s soon sixth grader’s I don’t won’t to be suck here with Mr.McGuire again to.


I think that predications are what makes the books exciting. I also think that is what makes you keep reading the book.

I disagree because you mite have a lot on your mind when you are reading and then you can’t make a predication. I also disagree because the book is so boring you quit the book.